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Visions of Trismegistos

by Nekromantheon

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SkunkBeatManiac thumbnail
SkunkBeatManiac Old-school Thrash Metal that combines the energy and raw sound of early Dark Angel and Slayer.
grahamy thumbnail
grahamy These guitarists have really become pretty amazing shredders, but it never veers into idiocy. Maybe not quite on par with Divinity of Death, but very solid OS black thrash nonetheless Favorite track: Dead Temples.
cory_m thumbnail
cory_m 9.5/10: Now this is how you THRASH! Some elements of Slayer and Death are present, but they have carved out their own sound, and it kills! Favorite track: Seven Rulers of Fate.
Planex thumbnail
Planex Death / Thrash with balls. Favorite track: Faustian Rites.
Sir Talksalot
Sir Talksalot thumbnail
Sir Talksalot Few mortals have ever played such riffs and survived. Favorite track: Zealot Reign.
Odiumediae thumbnail
Odiumediae Album of the year 2021, period. There is just no way anybody could top this absolutely stellar effort anytime soon, let alone until this utter shit year has finally ended. The mix and production, the cover artwork, the riffs and bass, the absolutely fantastic drums and solos, the vocals and lyrics … everything just fucking slays harder than a cattle gun.
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An artifact of unknown power Symbols emerging from the deep A portal to ancient darkness Apparition of a demonic seed The emerald tablet chanting Nefarious rites of theurgy Radiation of the Ibis-God Altering the spirit and the mind Separate the earth from the fire The sulphur, the salt, the mercury A sacrament marked by the Thrice Great Abraxas revealed to me Take part in this unworldly ritual Sacrifice your self to the demiurge The stone of Zosimos is my offering Eat it! Transmutation to the psychopomp Death’s existence expanding Breathing the essence of the multiverse Entering transient stage The black gold is in me I am at one with Trismegistos Now I will ascend to glory My enemies wiped from existence Channeling wisdom Amplifying oscillations Cortex syndicating information Visions taking command I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus I am purified of my imperfections I transcend the immortals without dying I stand before my father in the void
Born from fire and spirit Darkness the root and base Driven by the will of nature Conscious, mortal subjects of fate Powerless against the evil Deathless but unblessed Suffering life through senses Perpetuating cycles of decay Unaware of the seven architects Who created the principles of fate Quintessential beings from another realm Timeless masters of life and death Governing the laws of the universe As above, so below Logos resonating in the mind Setting the stage for chaos to grow Mercurius possessed the wisdom Holy maps of cosmic terrain Forgotten through ages of ignorance Occult fragments are all that remain Teach me the word The key to attain End of this life And enter my esoteric eternal domain
Shrines of Gaia neglected Idols swarm the stage I spawned the parasite My ravens await the plague Rapt by rapacity Feeding on golden blood Consuming devotion Patience exhumed from my lungs Restless depletion Apex saprophage Demeter dementing Silvanus clenched in rage Strangling the flame of Prometheus Bacchanal of faustian rites The glaciers’ bleeding delirium Boreas’ pyrexial might Terran leukocytes gathering Tremble before the sublime The dragon devouring the treasure Enter the anthropophobic paradigm A gift from the magma chambers By deserts and beasts extolled Churning guts of molten iron Bellowing bile from below Zephyrous storming malignant Coal and contempt in the winds The roar of concession ignites the sky Too late to atone their sin My flesh replenished by the fire regime The blighted bewailing their fate Qualis artifex pereo The echoes of their ultimate scream
To delve into the black of Neptune A pool of mysteries unknown Escape the noise of terrestrial life Seek the voice behind the call Below the waters of origination Drowning shrines of a sulphur past Beholding icons transcending the eye Orphic temptations from beyond Siren from the deep Neptune descent Triton eclipses the empyrean Neptune descent Gazing at the mystic fountain As if a paradox revealed Absurd to return to the surface These relics cannot be unseen The silence, the darkness, unknowing Heed the ineffable screams Transgress the antediluvian The trident is piercing my dreams Overpowered by the black deluge Delirious dimensional distress Undecaying in this bottomless hell Where the screaming harlots dwell Drenched in psychosis Hallucination storms Phantasmal engulfment Descending forlorn Forsaking the finite In the ocean of Nyx At one with the abyss Offering the flesh to the call Plunging deeper into solipsism I submerge and withdraw I’m enraptured by the solitude Contemplating madness in awe Intoxicated by the black magic As I drink from the well I surrender to the Hadopelagic The anchorite sanctum of my cell Siren from the deep Neptune descent Revel in the eye of the maelstrom Descend, descend, descend!
The eye is watching Profane ways of worship Sorcerers, demigods Manipulating cosmos at will Electric rituals Invoking forces Forgotten trance Rising serpents of light An ember dormant through millennia Buried in hallowed tomes Through esoteric persistence The noumenon ignites Bursting into fire demons Possessed by an evil spell Epidemic conflagration Horrors from the burning pits of hell Pyrokinetic immolation Inextinguishable Oozing lava Scorched life Left behind is only ash Scorched death Burning metal pyrothrash Scorched death Leaving the ruins of the fire magic The suppressor in flames I traverse the unholy abyss The conquered remains Phobos banished by the black pyre Axioms etched to my mind Revealing the hermetic path Eternal secrets of immortal life
Dead Temples 03:23
Dead temples Plagued hives Rotting visions Burning minds Dead temples Forgotten spells Gnostic secret Dormant dwells Timeless spirits caught in the ego trap Ethereal beings fixed in cosmic restraints Catalyst to the fall of humanity Eternal damnation, locked in a prison of the soul You reside behind a mask of suffering It takes forever to escape the vortex Assimilate the truth of the hierophant Entheogenic kykeon consumed Sacrifice to the breath of divinity Sorcery to set the spirit free Incantations Cryptic grin Forbidden worship Void within
Thanatos 03:34
Into the fire I follow thee Spawn of the night Let me take part in your glorious feast Indulge in earthly delight You control the darkness Master of blight Navigate me through the plains of despair And away from the holy light A catacomb in paradise The white shackles, the burning skin There’s no escape from this prison My descent must begin Take possession of my being You can hold the knife I give my self to you, my friend Show me how to end this life Invocating Thanatos Cannot be undone Commander of Satan’s soldiers In a battle that evil has already won A rush of darkness from within To revel in triumphant sin The white hand has taken command of my being Forfending the pleasures of flesh Fuel me with strength from your shadow Escape in my terminal breath Thanatos - Place the dagger in my hand Thanatos - I finish it off at your command Thanatos - Extinguishing the white light with pain Thanatos - Metal fang shredding the domain
Zealot Reign 04:43
Zealots of primitive evil fortifying the throne Abstract rampart of lies, sacred illusions of stone Constructing a myth, a tale of seraphic realms for the dead Casting a hypnotic hex to fixate the crown to the head Disciples await their command, reason destroyed by the spell Swallowing every word to escape the fires of hell The promise of posthumous bliss, deliverance after the fall The fear of the burning abyss incinerating them all Offering to the divine the blood that flows in their veins Anticipating release, their god will rid them of pain Powered by madness and spite, a tyrant oppressor to lead Suffering beings remain entranced by the system they feed Zealot Reign Channeling laws from a fictive domain Zealot Reign Delusions of splendor, minions in pain Guillotine dreams of the power games Monuments ruined, relics in flames A usurper with the means to succeed Paranoia, delusions, greed Offering to the divine the blood that flows in their veins Anticipating release, their god will rid them of pain Powered by madness and spite, a tyrant oppressor to lead Suffering beings remain entranced by the system they feed Zealot Reign Subjugation of the faithful inane Zealot Reign The circle complete when the tyrant is slain


Behold the Visions of Trismegistos!

After nine long years stirring the cauldron in the underground, NEKROMANTHEON finally re-emerged from the depths with their most ferocious record to date.

Visions of Trismegistos is a long-awaited metal assault, bringing forth the spirit of old metal once again. Recorded in Chaka Khan Studio and various locations around Oslo by the members of NEKROMANTHEON themselves using mostly old, analog equipment to get that warm, genuine sound, Visions of Trismegistos feels like a lost opus from the glory days of the '80s, when thrash, death, and black metal were merged into one unholy trinity. Yet, it is a fresh and vital testament of a band at the height of their abilities who stand out amongst their peers.

With Visions of Trismegistos, NEKROMANTHEON are ready to resurrect the ways of the ancient with their fresh take on old-school extreme metal.


released April 30, 2021

Release date: April 30th, 2021


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Nekromantheon Kolbotn, Norway

Nekromantheon or Nekromanteion literally means ''oracle of death'' or ''oracle of the dead'' in Greek and was a temple of necromancy in archaic times.

Photo credit: Road Crew Photography


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